The Kritterly Experience: Setting a new standard for your pet care.

We are a loving family of five based in North Raleigh with two of our own dogs, two cats and an African grey parrot. We relocated to Raleigh from New Jersey mid-2017 and love love love the Triangle area. Your pets become our pets and live in our house, are allowed on our furniture (if you allow them) and become part of our family. Kritterly is fully insured and we focus on  Dog Day Care in Raleigh and we also offer Overnight Pet Care. 

Meet the Kritterly team

We are a dedicated team of animal lovers who provide caring and personalized services for your pet. We strive to offer the most loving and attentive home away from home for dogs, birds, and exotic animals.

Linda Milburn-Pyle & family

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Linda Milburn-Pyle and family

Meet our family! David is a mechanical engineer, Stern school of Business MBA graduate who works from home. The dogs tend to hang out with David during the day or stay with Mom in her cottage when they need down time. Linda works in Finance and handles the administrative side of Kritterly and cares for the animals when she is back from work.  Two tween boys round us out and they are used to all critters big and small.

Mom Marion

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Mom Marion relocated to the US from South Africa and lives with us in her own cottage on the property. Most the dogs spend the night in her cottage and will eat there as well. She feeds the dogs, lends them her lap and takes them for walks. She gets up at 2 am when they are restless on their first night and consoles them until they settle. The dogs are usually tied to her hip and get quite good at judging umpire calls while tennis is on the telly.


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Our dogs: Mack (4) and Holly (6). Both are up to date with shots and ‘fixed’. Holly is a no-nonsense lady who minds her own business. She will engage with other dogs when she wants to and tells them clearly when she doesn’t want to be bothered. Mack thinks he is the alpha dog (he is not), and will rough house with the largest of our visitors and dial it down for the smaller guys. He will greet you with a gruff voice, but that’s his job and we don’t discourage it! Our cats: One orange tabby named Neo who lets the dog boarders know their place and one white fluffy rescue named Karli-Kat who is very shy and stays for the most part in our bedroom closet. Our African Grey, Taco, talks nonstop.

Why choose kritterly over other online or drop off day care/boarding services?

We offer a personalized home away from home experience for your pet. Your pet becomes one of our own and lives in our house with us.  We do not take more than three dogs at a time which ensures individual attention and allows us to watch all behavior at all times.  Dogs are free to run outside in our fully fenced in three acre property.  Click on the topics to learn more about what sets Kritterly apart.

We care for more than just dogs.  Your birds can join Taco in the living room for all day stimulation.  And yes – we know what messes birds make. We will also take critters with scales as well as other types of fur (sorry, no cats as we are just not set up for cats).

We insist on a couple of things before we will take in any dog:  a meet and greet which we will do over the weekends at a mutually convenient time.  This allows us to make sure your dog is a good fit for the pack and also give you peace of mind about the environment; fully updated vaccinations including Rabies and Bortadella.  We also will not take on more than 3 dogs at a time which when combined with our two dogs, means no more than five dogs here at any given time.  If your dog needs to be the only dog here, we can accommodate that too.  The underlying premise here is safety; for your dogs and ours.  We have also contracted with a pooper pick up service to make sure the yard is clean and safe from parasites.

Your pet integrates into our family life.  That means around the clock care and sitting with us at mealtimes, doing homework with the boys, and getting love on demand.  Dogs eat in separated spaces and those that Marion can accommodate in her cottage sleep with her.  We will follow your routines as you ask us to, which can include crating at night, medication, or following behavioral training as you do in your own home.

Because Kritterly is not just a pet care service, but an experience…we are not only focused on the luxury level of services for your amazing dog. Safety, healthy socialization, and keeping your pup’s training is at the top of our priority list.

Kritterly is exclusively partnered with North Carolina’s leading dog behavior expert, Packman Dog Training. Our family regularly receives extensive one on one dog behavior training with Frank to ensure your dog’s is safe at all times, and your investment in training is protected when you trust us with their care.

Packman Dog Training has thoroughly inspected our estate to make sure no detail has been overlooked when it comes to fencing, household safety, and our own knowledge.

We will provide updates to you on your pets stay with photos and videos.  Overnight guests go home with a printed photo of their stay (who has time to print photos any longer).  Day care visitors go home with a ‘stay’ card that will cover what your dog did during the day and any notable events.

We are a local Triangle based business with a mission to help those animals in need.

We are starting with asking for a donation by purchasing a item from our Amazon Wishlist and donating to local animal shelters.  Click here to find the Amazon Wishlist. In time, we want to work with larger pet care food providers to set up a Raleigh-based pet food bank that will provide for families in need during times of crisis. 

Your critter's home away from home.

We live on a three acre property completely fenced in both front and back.  There is plenty of room for your critters to run and play.  The flock of Egyptian Geese and horse farm across the lake provides countless entertainment for your dogs if they are tired of playing.  No kenneling, no alone time, love on demand, space to run and play and enough toys to choose from. We have a room for birds,  medium and large crates should you wish to crate your babies at night, and all bedding is washed and sanitized after every visitor. We go for walks in the Umstead on weekends.  Your critters are never left alone and there is always someone home. To cater to different schedules, our hours are flexible and in order to give your dog the attention they deserve, we won’t take more than 3 dogs at a time. Packman Dog Training has thoroughly inspected our estate to make sure no detail has been overlooked when it comes to fencing, household safety, and our own knowledge. Thats the inmate care I was searching for and have created for your pets.  

Customer Reviews

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Linda & David are fantastic! Our 100 lb NAID had an absolute blast at their house. Plenty of activities to do and pals to play with. We are already scheduled for our next stay and may even do a play date beforehand. Would definitely recommend them!
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Bo has stayed with Linda & David several times now and loves it more each time! He adores their two dogs and thoroughly enjoys playing with them, going for walks, and interacting with the family! I will always book them when Bo needs a sitter!
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Our dog stayed for a weekend. She’s had a great time and came home tired! We received plenty of pictures and David even took Lilly for a walk at Umpstead Park! Linda and David took great care of our dog!
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Linda and David did a fabulous job watching our dog, Toby. They kept us informed daily and even sent us pics! I highly recommend them and we will definitely use them again!
curtis dog charlie
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My Charlie had such a great time visiting! I received many photos of her trip.. It was five stars all the way!

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