Pet Insurance? How do you choose?

It wasn’t until my older Schnauzer got an undiagnosed stomach issue in 2008 that I questioned the need for carrying insurance. We had spent countless hours in the vet’s office and subsequent specialist offices to determine the root cause of him throwing up all the time. He was getting more and more lethargic as time went by and the next recommendation was exploratory surgery. This story has a happy ending for our brave dog Schumi who lived another 2 years after that ordeal, but not without great cost to us.

We all will do anything for our pets (they are family afterall) and we were fortunate to have the means to do so but we learnt our lesson pretty quickly. Those vet bills add up quickly when something goes wrong. We now have insurance to cover the big expenses and have a deductible that we feel comfortable with. No insurance is going to cover you 100% for everything without a great deal of expense and there is such a big list of exclusions that it is difficult to make sense of everything when trying to decide which company to go with.

When I came across this article from, I thought of my clients and would encourage you to take a read through this article on best pet insurance options so you can compare and see what can fit the needs of your pet and your budget.  Its a quick read and I hope you benefit from it.

Happy Holidays everyone, stay healthy and please give our friends a big hug and kiss from everyone here at Kritterly.

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