Authentic luxury


I recently stayed in one of San Francisco’s oldest hotels, described as “pairing classic ambiance with modern amenities and providing accommodations that are a testament to luxury, featuring blah blah blah”.  This was a room paid for by a vendor who flew me out there to speak at OracleWorld.  And while I was grateful,  I got to be honest, I was a bit repulsed by the fake gold everywhere and ostentatious furnishings of the lobby area as well as the rooms.   It got me thinking…. how have I committed to my doggy parents that they are getting a ‘luxury’ experience?

For those who have dropped their babies off at Kritterly, firstly – thank you!  I’m 100% sure that you will not find one ounce of fake gold anywhere on our property.  Nor will you find a butler opening our door.  You wont find fake smiles, or soaps in the shapes of grapes or a water cooler with cucumber slices waiting for you as you walk in the door.

What we define as luxury is all about the authenticity ….from the time we first interact, to the time your dog is back with you, you can be guaranteed of a safe, loving and nurturing environment for your pet.  A truly authentic experience where you can go away for the day, or for the month and know that your baby is being cared for in the way you would want him to be cared for.  Being loved and held when he is feeling insecure; being integrated into a family environment without any stress.

Luxury to me is defined by peace of mind.  True luxury – being on vacation, or on a work trip and not having any guilt or worry over where or how my dog is doing. To know that every detail is taken care of in the way I would want it taken care of.   By not having to rush to pick up my dog to meet a closing time; by seeing how happy my dog is in the pictures I receive.  Luxury is in my service to you, the pet owner.  (And yes, the dogs love the estate and pool and geese – that just comes with the territory).

I would love your feedback on other elements we can incorporate into the luxury experience for you while boarding your dogs at Kritterly.


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