From the boardroom in heels to boarding and heeling…


The picture on the left is what used to be in my closet and what I would wear every day through the streets of International cities.  The picture on the right is what I wore last week to work.  I was as close to the Mexican border as I have ever been…literally a stones throw from the scene you see in movies, with customs officers checking under vehicles with little mirrors in overcrowded customs lanes.  My reason for being there was legit…I was assessing the risk of a business venture but it got me thinking about my journey.

This has been an  exhilarating effort, one in which I am controlling the ending (kind of like the new Netflix shows where you choose the storyline).  I have proven just how wrong the corporate 9-5 is about an individual’s value.  We are measured through performance evaluations which put us on a bell curve and through that, we get given a rating to help determine our ‘usefullness’ to the company.  I fought so hard to get to a position of leadership and I am truly grateful for the experiences and connections that I built over 25 years of global consulting.  But it did mean that I put my own life experiences on the backburner for a corporate career.

By choosing this path, I have created a more balanced approach to life.  This is a gift that everyone has the opportunity to create, including you.  Its the gift that keeps on giving…I have more time for my two amazing boys and my husband who never runs out of support.  I’m not working on vacations any longer have total control over my own self-awareness.

My value is now self created and I can see it on the faces of the pet owners who pick up their pets after a time of boarding their dog with us.  Its in the messages of thanks that owners send while they are on vacation and who are not worrying about their dogs in commercial day care facilities; its in the gratitude expressed when a previously unruly dog goes home with just a little more control after being trained while boarding.

Luxury in-home pet care in Raleigh/Durham has just taken a new voyage with Kritterly….and guess who loves being the Captain!

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