Its all about perspective…


While trying to catch up on some TV shows during the rain yesterday, I was surrounded by three of our visitors (and Mack) who had no concept of personal space. The only four footer that wasn’t on top of me was my Holly girl who likes to near, but not close enough for me to pull in for cuddles. At first I was mildly annoyed by not being able to see the vacant expressions of the Batchelors as they waited patiently for the final rose, but then this (⇑) happened.

I was reminded of why I left my consulting life and why I started Kritterly.  The perspective I had from that couch was exactly what I had wanted and what I had created.  One family’s son had got engaged and Nutmeg wasn’t one of the 50 guests invited to the party her parents were throwing (she is the spaniel on the right).  Her parents wanted to focus on their family and their guests knowing that she was in a loving home environment.  Cooper is the white lab on the floor watching the nose to nose interaction with Nutmeg and Mack. His sister, Lily is in the background minding her own business. Their parents are away for a much needed break and needed one on one care for their two labs.

While trying to watch TV, I had my own reality series right in front of me… and it dawned on me.  In that moment, I was the happiest I could be.


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