A little wine, a little song….

…..and I would have been dancing if it wasn’t so damn hot!

What a perfect day to have a glass of wine and learn from the immensely talented Frank Vallero from Packman Dog Training & Better Behavior.   Frank has taught me so much about dog behavior and has given me the confidence I have here at Kritterly.

We had dogs who began the afternoon afraid of the water,  swimming yesterday.  Frank was not shy – he got in the pool with the dogs and helped them build confidence and had them swimming by the time the bottle of wine was done (which didn’t take long).

I was in my happy space close to my furry friends, talking to my human friends, kids and family nearby in almost perfect weather here in NC.  The boarders with us had a blast and were intellectually and physically stimulated and not sitting in kennels with 30 other dogs listening to barking all day.

GREAT WAY TO SPEND A SATURDAY AFTERNOON (now that my beloved Canes are taking a break).


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